uNAVSA Collective Philanthropy Project(CPP) Campaign Goes Viral!

NATIONWIDE – AS WE ARE rolling into 2011 with new resolutions for the year, we at uNavsa are excited to launch the fundraising campaign for this year’s Collective Philanthropy Project.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is the CPP 2011 recipient and we have every intention on breaking more records this year! The title of our campaign is “Safe and Sound” to echo the anti-trafficking program operating through the Australian-based charity. Passing through the holiday season, we are reminded of the people and community around us that keep us ‘safe and sound’. BDCF aims to provide the same warm and loving home to countless children in crisis throughout Vietnam…and YOU can help!

—Here’s how —-

On February 14th, the official launch date of this campaign, uNAVSA jumps on YouTube and Facebook to tell you about the people that keep us safe and how important it is that everyone is afforded the same nurturing environment. Please join us and raise the momentum as we make the CPP Campaign 2011 a YouTube hit as our personal videos and montages become viral! In your videos –

please introduce yourselves, your affiliation,  – and answer the question

“Who or What in your life makes you feel safe and sound?”

Also, remember to hop onto our Facebook cause page “uNAVSA Collective Philanthropy Project ‘11”, click on “like” to get updates from the campaign, and recruit others to join the cause.

§To make things more interesting, we are turning the cause into a friendly competition between regions and individuals for the most recruits and highest funds raised

uNAVSA and the CPP Committee would like to thank you for uniting for this fundraising campaign and showing that you care. Here’s to a successful year and to the people that keep us safe and sound!

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