Mid-Atlantic Union (MAUVSA) gets a head start on Fundraising!

NATIONWIDE- MAUVSA, Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations had their 4th Annual Retreat entitled “who am i?” or “tôi là ai?” hosted at the University of Virginia, During the retreat the Collective Philanthropy Project was presented to the VSAs from across the Mid-Atlantic region consisting of 7 member universities and 4 other satellite VSAs.  The members got a chance to learn about how the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation became the Collective Philanthropy Beneficiary and Learn more about the “Safe and Sound” mission and fundraising goals.

The schools that represent MAUVSA  has already gotten a head start on their fundraising with events such as Phofest, hosted by University of Virginia VSA, Date Auction, hosted at Virginia Commonwealth University VSA, and the VSA Turkeybowl Flag Football Tournament, hosted by George Mason University.

Early estimates put MAUVSA’s Fall fundraising well over $5,000 already.

Stephen Nguyen, the External Vice President for the Mid-Atlantic UVSA and CoRR representative for Mid-Atlantic to uNAVSA, was quoted saying,

“The Mid-Atlantic will be taking the fundraising crown from the Mid-West (who were the top fundraisers in previous year), they don’t stand a chance because MAUVSA is absolutely energized coming from h

osting the uNAVSA-7 conference last year in Washington D.C. , We shall be putting up our best efforts to help Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation accomplish their goal of helping trafficked children in hue/saigon and the Collective Philantrophy Project in it’s goal to unify our VSAs across the nation for a common goal.”

Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Association

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