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A word from your very own CPP Director and CPP Selection Director!

Dear uNAVSA Community,

The Collective Philanthropy Project is running strong with this year’s beneficiary the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Our participating Regional Unions, Vietnamese Student Associations, and individuals have been hard at work fundraising. uNAVSA was delighted by the suprise of seeing Blue Dragon to become featured on CNN Heroes recently. We invite you to continue spreading awareness towards Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation’s cause to your fellow students, friends, and family. Visit this link to watch Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation on CNN Heroes: http://goo.gl/2aHmX

Donate to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, and learn more about uNAVSA’s Fundraising and Awareness efforts with Blue Dragon by visiting http://cpp.unavsa.org.

The CPP Selection Committee has extended the deadline by one week for nonprofits to submit applications and proposals to become the next beneficiary (deadline is now 05/22/11). Learn more about the CPP Selection Application by visiting: http://www.unavsa.org/cpp/selection/

See our recent newsletter/infograph to learn about events that have been happening across the uNAVSA nation at the CPP Campaign homepage.


Doan Trinh
CPP Campaign Director

Stephen Nguyen
CPP Selection Director

Make sure to check the current progress of our fundraising in the Donate tab!

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