VIA-1 Press Release

Greetings uNAVSA Community,

On behalf of the Collective Philanthropy Project Committee, it is my pleasure to bring you Exciting news from the 9th Annual Midwest Vietnamese Interacting As One (VIA-1) Leadership Conference.
Each year, the conference draws students and young professionals together, collectively working as one group towards educating, and spreading awareness with issues within the Vietnamese Community. At the same time the conference promotes networking with one another to give back to the Vietnamese Community through philanthropic efforts.

The 2011 VIA-1 conference was held at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from March 18th – 21st. The theme “A Story of Our Own”, encouraged attendees to explore their split identity as Vietnamese-Americans while keeping root to their culture and upbringing. This years event drew some of the highest numbers for the regional conference at 300 plus attendees.

Along with the exciting bonding activities and informative workshops, the VIA-1 conference conducted one of the most successful fundraising activities supporting the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations’ (uNavsa) CPP Campaign, VIA-1 Pho-reezing Race. Individuals that participated in the race were first nominated online representing a school, state, or organization. Friends and family were able to donate online to the individuals and whoever had the most funds then would go through the race with a grueling obstacle course. With the fundraising efforts of all the VSAs within the region, the Pho-reezing Race had surpassed the goal of $5000 and finished at $5848.

University of Illinois – $913
IVSU – $744
University of Cincinnati – $743
Purdue – $608
MAUVSA – $525
VSAM – $496
Michigan State – $415
Loyola – $375
University of Wisconsin -Madison – $237

All the funds will go towards uNAVSA’s 2011 CPP Beneficiary, The Blue Dragon Childrens Foundation (BDCF). BDCF fights against human trafficking, particularly children and teens of the Providences in the city of Hue. The organization not only unites families but helps build sustainable lifestyles through education and building homes that are safe environment for the victims.

Thank you to the Midwest UVSA and their VSAs for their significant contribution to the CPP Fundraising Campaign. Let’s continue the momentum and reach the over all goal this year!


Doan Trinh & The 2011 Collective Philanthropy Project Committee

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