A Letter from the UNAVSA Executive Board

Dear UNAVSA Friends,

It is with great excitement that we introduce to you the 2011-2012 Collective Philanthropy Project
(CPP): Children of Vietnam! This year’s theme “Hold on to Hope” signifies the importance of having
hope in our lives to withstand the challenges that are thrown before us. Children of Vietnam is the voice of hope for millions of underserved children in our beloved country and we are the source of hope by contributing to this wonderful campaign.

Our current CPP team will be working tirelessly to make this year’s campaign the most memorable,
recognized, and successful campaign to date. There have been many significant changes in the past year to the structure of the CPP program including the addition of a CPP Audit Director and a more seamless CPP selection process. These changes helps create more transparency for our constituents to better recognize and understand the tremendous impact that they have on the organizations we work with.

Our hope this year is to create extensive awareness of the CPP campaign in every single region in North America and encourage collaboration between our VSAs to develop and strengthen their students, schools, and region while fundraising for Children of Vietnam.

CPP is the heart of UNAVSA and has been crucial to strengthening the bonds between our partner
regions while fostering friendly competition, all the while benefiting a great cause and building our
community. Through innovative planning and teamwork, this year’s CPP team have created several
resources that will help each region and school get easier access to information regarding the current beneficiary as well as ways to jumpstart their fundraising efforts. There are also several new initiatives that aim to create a more sustainable CPP for years to come.

The Executive Board has full faith that our current directors will showcase a CPP that you will never
forget. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries of Children of
Vietnam while enriching our own lives with the wonderful memories made through our fundraising
efforts. Let’s continue to “Hold on to Hope” and move into a promising year ahead!

Warmest Regards,

The UNAVSA Executive Board

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