Hello from the Campaign Director

Hello All!!

My name is My-Phuong and I am this year’s CPP Campaign Director. I am so excited for all the things that are going to happen during this upcoming year. A few things have already happened. To update everyone on my thrilling life, I have already traveled to two events where CPP has been mentioned:

  1. NorCal Summit “Raise your Voice” at the University of California at Berkeley has been truly an enlightening experience where I got to meet the strong energetic people who put together the conference and the motivated young adults who attended the summit.
  2. UVSA Midwest Leadership Retreat at Purdue University has been fun and enriching. Although I do miss sitting in on workshops and being one of the participants, I hope everyone who walked out had an amazing time, made great connections, and inspired to do more.

I really hope there is more traveling to show support for the VSAs around the area. So if your region is hosting something big and would like myself or any of the other directors or team members to be there, be sure to shoot me an email at myphuong.ly@unavsa.org! We know that pitching about the CPP can be hard, so the campaign team has been trying really hard to make the process easier by providing a few resources for you to look at:

  1. http://cpp.unavsa.org: the whole website has been revamped for more people to access it.
  2. There is an “Elevator Pitch” under the “Resources“ tab that can sum everything up about the CPP in 3 minutes.
  3. Under the “Resources” tab, you also can ask to request free brochures for your next event to start spreading awareness!

With the exciting start of the new campaign, there are three things your region and your local VSAs can do:

  1. Submit your pledge either as a school or with your region on how much you think you can raise and your reach goal for this year’s campaign.
  2. Participate in the “Hold on to Hope” Campaign where we would like to ask you to take a picture of yourself holding on to something that gives you hope, posting it to the Facebook group and as your profile picture. There will be ongoing financial donors to support the amount of Facebook pictures that gets uploaded. Please see the “Hold on to Hope” Facebook group and Facebook event to learn more!
  3. Tag the “Hold on to Hope” Campaign by using the #cpp2012 in your tweets whenever something hopeful inspires you, when you upload your picture, etc. We are working on getting donors for this as well, but follow @unavsaCPP or the #cpp2012 hash tag for updates!

We really hope to jumpstart the campaign strongly this year, but we cannot do it without your support. So starting this Monday (October 24) I really hope to see the “Hold on to Hope” Campaign really go with your support. See you around!

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