Easy-to-follow steps to support “Hold on to Hope”

Hi everyone!

Before I get started on the campaign itself, I would like the world to know that the Campaign Team is complete with the new addition of Jessica Phan, currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Together, we all look forward to a successful campaign year!

There have been a few questions raised about the Hold on to Hope Campaign that I would like to answer:

1. Should the picture be of “hope for Vietnam” or “hope for ourselves”?

Ideally, we would like to see how you, as an individual, see hope in your every day. But if your hope is strongly connected to your hope for Vietnam, then I don’t see why not show it =]

2. Can we use the campaign poster instead?


3. How do we add the caption, “CPP 2012: Hold on to Hope,” to our picture?

So I like to use an online program called picnik; so first have your picture saved somewhere on the computer that is easily accessible.

    1. Go to www.picnik.com and click on the button in the center of the screen that says [Get started now!]
    2. After picnik loads, click on the button in the left side of the screen that says, [^ Upload a photo] and select the picture file
    3. After your picture is uploaded, you will be redirected to the [Edit] tab
    4. Click on [Auto Fix] button for the program to automatically help make your picture look better
    5. On the toolbar, click on the [Text] tab located between [Effects] and [Stickers] tabs
    6. In the textbox on the left, type in “CPP 2012: HOLD ON TO HOPE
    7. Next, select which font you would like to use (just don’t use the premium fonts $$$)
    8. When you’re done selecting, click the [Add] button for the text to show on the picture
    9. Now, a menu will appear for you to select the color and size for your text
    10. You can click on your text to move it to where you would like it on the picture
    11. Repeat steps 6-10 if you would like to add another caption in your picture (see example at http://bit.ly/s5dXF6)
    12. Once you’re satisfied with your edited picture, click on the upper [Save & Share] tab; name the file as you wish in JPG format and click on [Save Photo] on the left.
    13. Last, upload your picture on the Hold on to Hope event AND as your Facebook profile picture, and “Like” the Children of Vietnam page!

    I hope this helps, and again, the CPP Team is looking forward to your support and any constructive advice can be sent our way!

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