New CPP Facebook Page, and “The Leaves Keep Falling”

Dear CPP supporters,

We’re going to keep you hanging on to your seats for a few days for the AMAZING newsletter. In the meantime, we invite you guys to check out the Collective Philanthropy Project’s Facebook page:

Go like it. Go learn more about what we do. Go tell us what we can do for you!

As the campaign team, we have brainstorming sessions and today was one of them. During the call, we were thinking about how we can help you guys learn more about what CPP stands for and what Children of Vietnam does. During that call, we came up with several wonderful ideas and we decided to share the award-winning video, “The Leaves Keep Falling.”

Media that Matters focuses on content that actually has an impact. They like to focus on a story that will raise awareness to those who view it and hopefully will have some type of call to action. “The Leaves Keep Falling” reminded me of why I decided to be on this Campaign Team, why this year’s program means a lot to me. But this video will explain much more than I can… so please, watch this video:

“The Leaves Keep Falling” is an intimate portrait of two Vietnamese families whose children are severely disabled due to exposure to the dioxin in the defoliant, Agent Orange. One family is receiving help, the other is not. The film takes place outside the city of Da Nang, a “hot spot” where dioxin levels are more than 385 times over the acceptable levels. (Summary from

(View video at

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