Updates from the CPP Campaign!

Hey all, time for another update! So here are some exciting new things coming up for everyone in the UNAVSA community regarding the CPP campaign:

  • A quarterly newsletter** will be released soon to feature schools and fundraising efforts
  • An online viral video will be released on Youtube – and we’re going to need your help!
  • VSA fundraising goals for the CPP will be tracked at http://cpp.unavsa.org
  • Completion of thank-you packets along with more resources for your VSA!

Speaking about resources, we here at the Campaign Team would like you to know that there are free color brochures about Children of Vietnam. To receive your free brochures, please make a request through the “Brochure Request” form under the “Resources” tab on the CPP website. Again, FREE BROCHURES!!

** Little birdies have told us about several VSAs that are already raising money for Children of Vietnam this year. Well, we want to hear more about it from YOU! Please email Jessica.Phan@unavsa.org with pictures and a small blurb of your work so you can be FEATURED in our newsletter!

Exciting times! Please submit submit submit! ☺

My-Phuong Ly, myphuong.ly@unavsa.org

P.S. Below are graphs that show the number of submissions per region and per state in “Hold on to Hope” campaign! MIDWEST (woot woot) has the regional lead, and VIRGINIA has the most submissions as a state. Where is YOUR region’s and your state’s level of participation at???

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