Updates, updates, and more updates!

For your Christmas present, CPP brings you LOTS of updates:

  • Newsletter done! This is a quarterly newsletter and since the next one is in the works, you might just see yourself in it if you submitted a nice, sizable CPP donation to Jessica Phan. Find the newsletter under the “Resources” tab along with other goodies.
  • The “Top 5 CPP Links” is featured on the side bar along with a MAP showing VSA CPP fundraising goals. CPP blog readers, we heard you wanted easier navigation.
  • I was interviewed by PublicAsian along with UMCP VSA regarding what this year’s CPP is doing. Read the article here.


Here is some news for those who want to get MORE involved!

FIRST, we would like to launch a new line of CPP clothing to raise awareness and to sustain CPP into the future. To start, we are hosting a CPP t-shirt design contest.

These are the design parameters:

  1. Think of a generic design for CPP – everything is up to the interpretation of the designer
  2. Include the UNAVSA brand, such as the logo
  3. Use both forms of “CPP” and “Collective Philanthropy Project”
  4. Use no more than 2 colors, not including color of the shirt
  5. Bonus: Use parts of the CPP mission statement
  6. UNAVSA and CPP hold the right to alter the design to fit the t-shirt-making requirements

All you will have to do to participate

  1. Submit designs by March 1
  2. Submit pre-orders by March 14
  3. March 14 is when the design winner and the launch of our next initiative will be announced…think Youtube viral video campaign!

SECOND, we created a  “How To Send Funds” tutorial for your convenience in submitting your donations. The last day for you to send in your donation to be considered for the Winter CPP recognition contest is January 15 . The current donation front runners are Tufts and Suffolk representing IVSA! There will also be a Spring CPP Fundraising Winner. Winners will be recognized at our 9th UNAVSA Conference in Minneapolis – read details on how to participate in the CPP fundraising contest in the Winter Newsletter.

FINALLY, I think it’s awesome that CPP is garnering more attention, and we will do everything we can to provide you guys ALL THE HELP we can give, so please remember:

  • Request free brochures for your upcoming CPP event!
  • Talk to us about your needs and when your next event is so we can support you
  • Keep up with CPP updates on the platforms CPP has a presence as we receive t-shirt submissions
  • Spread the word and the love of CPP and Children of Vietnam as we continue into 2012!


My-Phuong Ly, CPP Director

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