Guest Post #1 from Nancy Letteri

Hello From Vietnam!

I am once again in Vietnam. The weather is Da Nang is very comfortable and sunny. Much better than my last visit in September when a typhoon was threatening the coast!

As many know we have a significant program for children with disabilities. This year we are piloting a program directed at youth with disabilities as they transition to adults.  My first few days in Vietnam were spent investigating best practices for this age group to support their independent living skills.

One of our goals is to start a “youth club” to help build peer friendship, counseling, advocacy skills and integration skills. For example: take this club on a special outing to learn how to navigate in town. In Vietnam handicapped accessible sidewalks, bathrooms, offices and such are rarely seen.  If a youth with disabilities wants to work, the challenges are immense simply getting to his or her job!

During this the time in HCMC, where I was joined by Mr. Hoang Ngoc Tuan, Children of Vietnam’s Hope System of Care for Children with Disabilities, we met with a Vietnamese charity, Disability Resource and Development (DRD). DRD’s director, Vo T. Hoang Yen, is dedicated to advocating for people with disabilities. Check out DRD’s website:

I neglected to take a photo of this visit so I am attaching several during which Ms. Yen visited COV to provide training. She is a great friend of COV’s.

More posts coming.  Thanks for your great support.


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