“View for Hope” Campaign Press Release

Successful Result Announced for Collective Philanthropy Project’s “View for Hope” Campaign

Chicago, IL – The Collective Philanthropy Project’s (CPP) “View for Hope” campaign has raised $2,000 for the 2012 CPP beneficiary, Children of Vietnam. The campaign featured a YouTube video starring Children of Vietnam and its Executive Director, Nancy Letteri, and surpassed the goal of receiving 4,000 views.

“The video was created to engage those that the campaign cannot reach out to physically as well as to capture a digital audience,” said CPP Campaign Director My-Phuong Ly. “In the video, the campaign team members shared why it is important for our generation to stand in solidarity and presented a call to action to the viewers.”

The contributions to the campaign were made by two generous sponsors, Lan Anh Nguyen from the Mid-Atlantic region and Huy Duong from the Northern California region. Each agreed to donate a sum of $1,000 if the videos were to educate a wide audience about Children of Vietnam and reach 4,000 views. The video ended up accumulating 5,107 views.

“View for Hope” is part of a national fundraising effort by student organizations and young professionals affiliated with the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA). The YouTube video provided an online resource for CPP supporters to share the needs that Children of Vietnam addresses and to help Children of Vietnam raise its goal of $52,000.

The deadline to fundraise for Children of Vietnam is July 26, the first day of the 9th UNAVSA Conference. To learn about the work of Children of Vietnam and the 2012 CPP Campaign, please watch the “View for Hope” video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDzLbOOSfQo. For more information, please contact CPP Campaign Director My-Phuong Ly at myphuong.ly@unavsa.org.

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