Google Hang-Out-A-Thon with CPP Team! LIVE NOW!

Broadcasting live with Ustream

⌨ Mark your calendars for THIS SUNDAY, JULY 22, for the most epic Google Hang-Out-A-Thon you will ever witness, featuring the UNAVSA CPP Team from NOON EST to MIDNIGHT EST!

☮ Come take a break from your Sunday grind to interact with us via VIDEO CHAT [] while we delight you with a range of entertaining, engaging, and educational activities and shenanigans.
☑ Highlights include the following:

✏ Mỹ-Phương Lý and Sandy Cao interviewing Children of Vietnam’s Nancy Letteri at 4pm EST/ 5pm CST
✏ Gee-Wey Yue and Mỹ-Phương taking requests/dares for donations [] ✏ Nghia Le and Stephen Nguyen together? Enough said!
✏ Jessica Phan’s daytime pillow talk [link:] ✏ Regina Mai performing Hulk-esque physical feats [link:] ✏ Quynh Anh N Le’s ridiculous awesomeness
☺ You’ll have to come see for yourself. Don’t miss the CPP Google-Hang-Out-A-Thon to benefit COV this Sunday, July 22!!!
We are on! The Google Hangout link is:!

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