Meet the Top 3: Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry

We will be spotlighting one of our 3 2012-2013 CPP Beneficiary finalists every other week up until conference.  This week’s spotlight is of the Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry.  You can learn more about their organization at their website here:

The Organization:

The mission of the Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry (GSMDM) is to reach out to the people of Vietnam by providing state of the art medical and dental care through annual missions, medical education and in-country healthcare facilities.

GSMDM’s purpose is to meet the healthcare needs of the underserved in Vietnam by:

1. meeting the immediate needs of patients through annual summer missions

2. meeting the long term needs of patients through our medical education initiative

3. meeting both immediate and long term needs of patients by building a GSMDM clinic and maintaining a permanent presence in Vietnam

Their target population is the underserved in Vietnam, namely, those living in Vietnam below the poverty line. Their Summer Missions have served the people of Vietnam from its northernmost border in Cao Bang to the furthest south of Vietnam in Tra Vinh. Their educational programs are generally held in Central Vietnam, where we not only target medical students, but medical practitioners and educators alike. They look to build a permanent clinic in Ho Chi Minh City (“HCMC”), Vietnam, where their target patients will be those living below the poverty line in HCMC and on the outskirts of the city limits.

Their Project:

Every year, GSMDM trains a new team of volunteers, including medical professionals, from the United States to prepare them to spend two weeks providing medical, dental, and optometric care to the underserved people of Vietnam. GSMDM aims to use all funds received from CPP’s campaigning efforts directly toward patient care.  They expect to not only be able to cover the general costs of the annual mission trips, but also to expand their resources so that they can help more patients with life-changing surgical care.  As their team will be traveling to Vietnam in July of 2012, they are looking to bring in funds for Team 2013.  However, some of the funds may also be used toward patients from 2012 that need surgical care, but that we could not commit to at the time due to lack of funds.

Project goals:

The following goals are to be achieved within the two weeks that the Summer Missions Field Team is in Vietnam:

  1. See patients from ten different communes.
  2. See at least 4000 patients, performing laboratory tests as needed.
  3. Dispense medicine to our patients, as needed.
  4. Perform eye exams and hand out prescription glasses to our patients, as needed, up to 2000 pairs.
  5. Perform dental care services for our patients, as needed, up to 500 patients.
  6. Perform surgeries for patients, as needed, up to 75 patients.
  7. Fund surgeries for patients, as needed, up to $75,000.

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