Meet the Top 3: Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach

We will be spotlighting one of our 3 2012-2013 CPP Beneficiary finalists every other week up until conference.  This week’s spotlight is of Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach.  You can learn more about their organization at their website here:


The Organization

Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach (MEMO)’s primary goal is to provide medical care and educational opportunities to the impoverished villagers in Vietnam. By supplying the villagers with the fundamental needs (health and education) deprived of them by poverty, MEMO hopes to give them a foundation in which they can raise themselves out of their current living conditions. MEMO also aims to spread awareness of the abject poverty seen in third world countries to the younger generation in the U.S. to propagate the notion of social responsibility into a brighter future.

Their Project
MEMO’s goal is to determine the prevalence of Hepatitis B in orphans, vaccinate children, and prevent mother-to-child transmission in the Vietnamese population. Through screenings and mass vaccinations, MEMO hopes to address the main mode of Hepatitis B transmission. In addition, MEMO will spread awareness so communities as a whole can continue leading healthier lives.

American Program
MEMO would like to implement a program here in the U.S. that first educates students in collaboration with other health organizations and then utilizes them spread awareness throughout Vietnamese American communities. Using culture-sensitive brochures and presentations, the public is encouraged to become more aware about their own status.

Screenings in Vietnam
Hepatitis B screenings will be conducted for orphanages throughout Vietnam to study the prevalence of the disease within a population. Hospitals and clinics will be encouraged to test pregnant mothers for Hepatitis B to prevent further mother-to-child transmission for carriers. In villages that are more isolated, portable Hepatitis B kits will be used to detect the disease. Pregnant mothers with Hepatitis B will be given more information and the proper medication to prevent transmission to the child.

Hepatitis B Vaccinations
MEMO aims to vaccinate newborns and encourage new orphans to be brought to a nearby clinic to receive vaccinations as well. For pregnant mothers testing positive for Hepatitis B, clinics need to be stocked with the proper medication to prevent mother-to-child transmission.

Long-term Vaccinations
Midwives and Vietnamese medical professionals will be taught to test for Hepatitis B and administer vaccinations. In America, volunteers will make presentations to raise awareness about Hepatitis B and hold screenings.

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