1. What is your organization’s vision in the next 5-10 years?


Five year plan

Year 1

-Raise funds

-Communicate with different bulk computer sellers (2-3 in mind) to find the best price for computers

-Decide which schools to implement the program at first and plan roll out for the rest of schools based on number of computers available

-Install programs and websites for education


Year 2-3

-Set up computers at first round of schools with regular maintenance

-Establish guidelines for nuns and proper ways of teaching/maintaining online lessons

-Establish an online off-site connection to a computer expert in the US for more advanced problems

-Teach children how to use the computers and programs


Year 4-5

-After the first round of schools has been established and we have improved our methods and programs, we will deliver computers and programs to the rest of the schools granted we have available funds for more computers

-Develop a professional network to provide future jobs and internships for children who have sufficient coding skills


Ten year plan

Year 6-8

-Continue to improve the program based on recommendations provided by children and nuns

-Hire/volunteer professional coders to provide more guidance and support to children that are at or near the intermediate level

-Refine curriculum for each child based on professional coders advice and current demands for jobs (specialization)


Year 9-10

-Help children find jobs using professional network and previously agreed on saved spots for teens who have developed sufficient skills

-We will also have the help of current professional coders in Vietnam to advise the children on their next steps to finding a job outside the network if they desire

-Children who have finished the program may come back to help other children learn to code and the cycle will continue


  1. What sets you apart from organizations with similar missions?


In Vietnam and many third world countries, education isn’t free. Without intervention, the lower 25% of economically underprivileged families have a very low probability of receiving education. ALA has transformed entire communities by building facilities that not only act as schools but also as shelters, clinical centers, hygienic washrooms, and vegetable gardens. We’ve sponsored children through higher education, successfully sending 3 students through medical school! Our goal goes beyond survival; we want to give them autonomy and provide them the ability to contribute back to their communities.


  1. How do you define/measure success? What kinds of metrics can demonstrate how effective your project is?


For Abandoned Little Angels, success is nurturing a child to independent and healthy adulthood in all the ways we can. For many of the children we support, this means completing secondary education and/or vocational school to receive the skills necessary to support one’s self. We measure this type of success in higher education completion rates and employment after leaving our program. For our other children who are unable to work after turning 18 because of health or other issues, success is measured by their quality of life and access to medical and financial resources.


  1. How can I help beyond fundraising money for the org through CPP?


Abandoned Little Angels is currently looking to expand its reach to donors and volunteers outside of the Houston area. Raising awareness about our organization would help tremendously with these efforts. UNAVSA also has the potential to connect us more deeply with Vietnamese-American youth, who we believe are the foundation to many of our future endeavors. We hope that today’s students will lend their leadership, new ideas, and energy to continue to house, feed, and educate the children we support.


  1. How are you collaborating with other organizations on a local, region, or national level?


Abandoned Little Angels currently works with the University of Houston’s alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Lambda Phi Epsilon branch in planning and executing many of our local fundraising events. We have previously given presentations for UT Austin’s Vietnamese Student Association, and we host an annual fundraising kickball tournament in conjunction with Periwrinkle, another charity organization. We hope to expand our reach to other charitable organizations and VSA’s around Texas and across the country.