Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The creation of the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) originated during the second UNAVSA conference in 2005, in conjunction with the Vietnamese Interacting As One (VIA-1) Conference. The concept of an annual philanthropy campaign is to further drive UNAVSA’s mission of developing leaders and regions, networking and creating a unified voice.

The CPP is an initiative for students and community organizations to collaborate on working toward a charitable cause. The idea is to create momentum for a collective national effort under one philanthropic campaign that UNAVSA manages. The CPP campaign raises awareness and collectively fundraises for non-profit organizations that serve the broader Vietnamese community.


How does UNAVSA & CPP fit in on a Local and Regional Level?

The idea that working towards a common goal brings our missions closer together and allows us to share ideas, accomplishments, and friendly competition towards a fundraising goal is essential for maintaining the cohesive bonds that now exist between our member VSAs and UVSAs. The organized national campaign allows for your students to operate with the full support of both VSAs across the nation and the philanthropic organization itself.

Working on the CPP project allows for your VSA to grow and see the potential for growth in the areas of volunteering, fundraising, and nonprofit work. Often times students voice the concern that there is no use or function after their college VSA life is done. The CPP along with UNAVSA opens the door for students to collaborate with nonprofits, work on a national campaign towards a common goal, and ultimately impact the world.

The CPP will not force your VSA into fundraising and promoting awareness for the common case; however, if you choose to collaborate and embrace the CPP, you will be able to do so through working with your neighboring VSAs, neighboring regional UVSAs, UNAVSA and the CPP organization itself.