Previous CPP Beneficiaries

VietACT 2006

Amount raised: $32,000
The CPP’s first recipient was The Vietnamese Alliance to Combat Trafficking (VietACT), a grassroots organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking of Vietnamese victims. VSA’s around the country worked collectively and together, we raised more than $32,000 for the organization, which was used to start an internship program for young leaders who wanted to get directly involved in fighting trafficking.

Catalyst Foundation 2007

Amount raised: $48,556
Our second recipient was Catalyst Foundation, which received $48,556 from our campaign. The money was used to build schools and help kids who lived in a junkyard in Rach Gia in Vietnam. Volunteers were able to travel to Rach Gia during the summer to help build the schools. It was a life changing experience as they interacted with the villagers and kids of the area. They witnessed the daily lives of these villagers and talked about the dreams and aspiration the young children have.

VOICE 2008

Amount raised: $51,536
In the CPP’s third year, Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscious Empowerment (VOICE) was chosen as the beneficiary. We raised $51,536 for VOICE, and the money was used to build a community center to benefit Vietnamese refugees in Cambodia who have no homes and are unable to attain jobs. Over a year’s course VOICE was able to get 5,000 of these refugees legally into Canada, America, Europe and Australia. Over the course of the years, Vietnamese students and youth organizations from around the country participated in various fundraising events and leadership summits to raise awareness and funds to support the efforts of these organizations.

VietHope 2009

Amount raised: $44,177
In the CPP’s fourth year, uNAVSA raised money for VietHope to help low-income youths in Vietnam build their leadership skills and to provide resources for their educational and career goals. With a total of $44,177 raised, we were able to aid VietHope in creating a permanent office in Vietnam along with supporting their University Scholarship Program and implementing a new Youth Development Program. VietHope will hold regular workshops and educational events for youth volunteers and recipients of VietHope’s University Scholarship in Vietnam every academic year.

Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation 2010

Amount raised: $59,529
In the CPP’s fifth year, uNAVSA raised money for the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation (VAHF) “500 Oral Histories Project” to execute a large-scale project where the young Vietnamese American generation to interview the older Vietnamese American generation for their amazing stories of escaping Vietnam and transitioning to America. VAHF will then document and preserve these stories so that Vietnamese American generations to come will have a reference of these accounts. We raised a total of $59,529.02 which is the highest amount ever raised in the inception of CPP five years ago. The goal of the 500 Oral Histories Project is to document over five hundred interviews in an effort to preserve the unique and diverse experiences of Vietnamese Americans across the country.