Kids Without Borders


What does Kids Without Borders do and what is their mission?

Kids Without Borders (KWB) is entering its fourteenth year as a registered non-profit organization, which is  all-volunteer, international, and non-governmental with the mission to involve and inspire youth in service worldwide. KWB was founded  in 2001 by current director, Son Michael Pham and the organization is based in the state of Washington. 70% of KWB’s programs and projects are based in the United States and worldwide, more than 30 countries have been reached with Vietnam being the main location of KWB’s international programs and projects. KWB was launched as a school service projects for students to sort clothes and donated items for children in the community. Today, the organization supports and works with children and attracting volunteers worldwide, providing opportunities for youth, benefiting and changing thousands of lives around the world.
Kids Without Borders’ Project

Project Name: Teach Me To Fish (TM2F)

The current situation is that orphans leave the care of the orphanage at the age of eighteen. The Teach Me To Fish project goal is to provide an exit plan for life after the orphanage. The reality is, many of these orphans would end up living in poverty, become a victim of crime, being trafficked, forced marriage, etc. The opportunity arises to provide these orphans with a better chance to become healthy, functional, and productive adults.

– Safety Net
– Primary Scholarship
– Secondary Scholarship
– Alumni Program
– Emergency Shelter
– Micro-lending Program

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