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Below are brief snapshots of some aspects of the Collective Philanthropy Project


Vietnamese American Heritage Project (2010)

Below: video shown during uNAVSA – 7 (Washington D.C.)

From Mid-Atlantic UVSA

What makes CPP important to MA-UVSA & My University’s VSA?

The Collective Philanthropy Project was the original catalyst for the initial cooperation and eventual creation of the Mid-Atlantic Union. The idea that working towards a common goal would bring our missions closer together and allow us to share ideas, accomplishments, and competing towards a fundraising goal was essential for building the cohesive bonds that now exist between our member universities. The organized national campaign allows for your students to operate with the full support of both VSAs across the nation and the Philanthropic organization itself.

Working on the CPP Project allows for your VSA to grow and see the potential for growth in the areas of volunteering, fundraising, and non-profit work. It can often be seen that students question the value of this work after their college VSA life is done. The CPP, along with uNAVSA opens the door for students to collaborate with non-profits, work on a national campaign towards a common goal, and ultimately impact the world.

At the end of your VSA year choosing to collaborate and embrace the CPP will open up doors to your neighboring VSAs, Neighboring Regional Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (UVSA), uNAVSA, and the CPP organization itself.

Stephen Nguyen,
Mid-Atlantic Representative for uNAVSA (CoRR)

VIA-1′s Yearly Polar Plunge Fundraiser for the CPP

Viethope’s 2009 call to action

Our CPP Beneficiary this year is a featured organization on CNN Heroes!
Congratulations to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation!