Audit Process

The CPP Audit Director

CPP Audit Director is a position created to ensure that there is transparency with the previous beneficiary in how the organization is handling the money. Before the beneficiary was elected by the UNAVSA membership, a proposal was submitted by the beneficiary outlining how the funds received would be utilized. Below outlines the details regarding the roles and responsibilities of the CPP Audit Director.


The Duties of the CPP Audit Director

As outlined in the UNAVSA Constitution:

The CPP Audit Director (hereinafter referred to as “CPP AD”) will work closely with the previous year’s beneficiary to oversee that funds are ethically being appropriated according to the project proposal as presented at the UNAVSA conference. The CPP AD will work closely with the Beneficiary to bring the organization to present at the following UNAVSA conference.

The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Work closely with the treasurer to proceed with collecting an audit report from previous beneficiary
    • Receive a report on allocation of funds from beneficiary (after the Beneficiary has received funds from UNAVSA) every three (3) months
    • Beneficiary will report back to the CPP AD on a 3 months basis regarding the use and allocation of funds that were donated during the previous conference.
    • Report to be presented to Council of Regional Representatives (CORR) and Treasurer
  • Create press releases concerning the progress of the Beneficiary
  • Assist in inviting Beneficiary back to present progress over the one year period to the conference attendees or facilitate as primary presenter at conference

The CPP Audit Process

Preliminary Process

  1. Upon two (2) weeks of appointment as CPP AD, a teleconference will be scheduled with UNAVSA E-Board and other CPP Directors/staff to begin discussions regarding the expectations for the upcoming year’s audit process.
  2. CPP AD will attain contact information for current UNAVSA CPP Beneficiary in order to establish connection immediately.  Contact should be made within one (1) month of CPP AD’s appointment as staff.
    1. Information can be found from previous CPP Campaign Director or Treasurer.
    2. Contact with CPP Beneficiary will be to introduce oneself as the CPP AD and to establish the process for auditing for the next year (Please refer to Audit Process outlined below). Additionally, the expectation should be set that CPP Beneficiary will need to attend the upcoming UNAVSA Conference in order to present progress.

Audit Process

  1. Within three (3) months of appointment to the position, and every 3 months following, the CPP AD will conduct a thorough audit of the funds utilized by the CPP Beneficiary.
  2. The Audit will consist of the following:
    1. Notification – CPP AD must notify CPP Beneficiary of the upcoming audit one week in advance of requiring all documentations. The notification shall consist of a checklist that will include a list of documents needed (e.g. financial statements, breakdown of funds utilized, etc.)
    2. Communication – Throughout the weeks leading up to the collection of all requested documents and as needed afterwards, CPP AD will be responsive with answers to any questions that the CPP Beneficiary may have regarding the audit.
    3. Collection of Documents – One week after official notice to the CPP Beneficiary, CPP AD will collect all requested documents/information from the CPP Beneficiary.
    4. Audit Report – After the review of all the documents provided by the CPP Beneficiary, the CPP AD will draft a report within one week consisting the overall summary of funds utilized by the CPP Beneficiary, any major concerns, and detailed commentary describing the findings.
    5. Treasurer/CORR/E-Board/Presidents’ Council Review – Once the audit report is finalized, the CPP AD will submit the audit report to the Treasurer/CORR for review and solicit feedback regarding the findings from the audit. The Treasurer/E-Board will have three (3) days to review the audit report.
    6. Clarification – If any issues are found based on the audit report, the CPP AD will communicate all questions/issues to the CPP Beneficiary and ask for clarification. The CPP Beneficiary will have two (2) weeks to provide a response regarding any clarification needed. This process will be repeated until both the CPP AD and Treasurer/E-Board believe the findings are compliant to the expectations set forth for CPP beneficiaries.
    7. Closing Response – After the audit report and all issues/concerns are finalized, the CPP AD will provide the CPP Beneficiary a closing response regarding the finale of the audit and the tentative date for the next audit (three months from beginning of previous audit).

Reporting Process

  1. At the conclusion of every CPP audit, the CPP AD will summarize the findings and progress of the CPP Beneficiary, and provide this information to the members of UNAVSA within one week of the audit concluding.
    1. This information will be compiled into a press release to be sent out to the UNAVSA listserv.
    2. Additionally, the CPP AD will update the UNAVSA website with the information.

UNAVSA Conference Presentation

  1. The CPP AD shall confirm the attendance of the CPP Beneficiary immediately following the finalization of the date for the UNAVSA conference.
  2. The CPP AD shall provide any assistance necessary to the CPP Beneficiary in order to ensure a smooth presentation at the UNAVSA conference.
  3. The CPP AD will work with both the CPP Campaign Director and CPP Selection Director to coordinate the timing and content of the CPP Beneficiary presentation.