Catalyst Foundation


What does Catalyst Foundation do and what is their mission?

The Catalyst Foundation is an international non-governmental organization that focused on improving the lives of abandoned, orphaned, and homeless children in Vietnam. Catalyst was founded in 1999 by Caroline Nguyen Ticarro with the focus of helping build communities to fight human trafficking. Today, they use a holistic community development approach to raise awareness, provide access to schools, and increase economic opportunity to over 200 children and their families in the Ninh Thuận province. Through education and community development, they are giving these communities and its daughters HOPE!


Catalyst Foundation’s Project

Project Name: Project Backpack

The Collective Philanthropy Project allows us to fund the holistic Project Backpack program – to give our children the opportunity to become students in primary and secondary schools, provide opportunities to educate families and local residents about trafficking, children rights and child development, to feed all the school children in the community, monitor and ensure children’s health, and teach simple, sustainable and practical means of earning an income.


EDUCATION – $27,500

We will increase enrollment of 200 Raglai children in primary and secondary schools throughout rural Ninh Thuận Province.


We will provide community education for children so that they can succeed in school, for adults who need basic literacy education and for the community who must learn basic life skills, human rights, and child development.

FOOD – $10,000

To feed all 200 school children in the Raglai community.


Monitor and evaluate program to ensure sustainable health improvements for 200 children.


Teach simple, sustainable and practical means of earning an income.