CPP Campaign Dares

Welcome to the 2015-2016 CPP Dare Campaign! This event is an opportunity for you to contribute to our current beneficiary: Kids Without Borders, and simultaneously see our UNAVSA members complete outrageous dates for your enjoyment!

Below you will see profiles of the brave individuals and their dares. Click their donation buttons, enter the amount and which dare your contribution is going towards. Once the donation amount is met for that specific task, the individual will record himself/herself completing the task! Videos will be uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/user/unavsa/videos

All proceeds will go directly towards UNAVSA’s current CPP beneficiary Kids Without Borders. The specific project that we are fundraising towards, Teach Me To Fish, has the goal of creating an exit plan for life after the orphanage (orphans leave the care of the orphanage at the age of eighteen). There are six different scholarships and programs that the money will go towards:

  • Safety Net: During the final two years of high school, young orphans will be provided with help for their school studies (i.e: after school classes) and preparation for their future (after high school and life outside of the orphanage). Our goals are for them to get good grade in school and prepare them for the national college entrance exams following high school graduation.
  • Primary Scholarship: The Primary Scholarship provides up to two years of support for the candidates who are not qualified for college. The scholarship will cover expenses for vocational training/education and related costs (i.e: a computer, books, tools, …), expenses for gaining employment and related costs (i.e: a bicycle for transportation), some essential living expenses (such as health insurance or medical care) and any emergency needs.
  • Secondary Scholarship: The Secondary Scholarship provides up to four years of support for the candidate to attend college. The scholarship will cover expenses including tuition, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, health insurance, and other essential expenses or emergency needs.
  • Alumni Program: Each member of the Teach Me To Fish Program can become a role model, an example of success or failure, or a mentor to current scholarship recipients or future candidates. The program identifies and develops Big Brothers and Big Sisters to provide support, guidance, encouragement, problem solving, … to the current and future class.
  • Emergency Shelter: Currently there is an emergency shelter, a boarding home, for any of the adult orphans under our care having difficulties. The shelter is owned and managed by one of our volunteers/partner. It is a safe place with strict rules for occupants.
  • Micro-lending Program: Available to alumni members in good standing, one can apply for a small no-interest loan for use of starting or improving a family/personal business.

This year, we raised a collective goal of $653! Thank you so much to all of those who donated and to our gracious volunteers! 

[progress percent=”65.3″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]65.3% ($653)[/progress]


Tony Tran CPP Campaign Director NorCal Region [progress percent=”33″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]33% ($50)[/progress]

  • $10 – Eat a dozen doughnuts in 5 minutes
  • $15 – Serenade (song of choice) [personal]
  • $25 – Spicy ramen challenge
  • $60 – Wear lipstick for a day
  • $150 – Pierce my ear with earring of choice


Thu-Mai Nguyen CPP Campaign Team Member South Region [progress percent=”53″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]53% ($80)[/progress]

  • $5 – Pie me in the face
  • $20 – Send you a care package [personal]
  • $25 – Spicy ramen challenge
  • $75 – Wax legs
  • $100 – Do my make-up for me for a whole day
  • $150 – Cook you a handmade dinner at your home

12096135_1085018108175406_3427303215320718694_n (1)

John Tran CPP Campaign Team Member Southwest Region [progress percent=”30″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]30% ($30)[/progress]

  • $30/song – Serenade you at conference with ukulele
  • $40 – Send you a care package
  • $50 – Dramatic death scene in public
  • $60/leg – Wax entire leg
  • $70 – Lip Sync Cai Luong w/ makeup
  • $80 – Get a make-over blind-folded
  • $90 – Wax entire upper chest area
  • $100/nostril – Hard wax my nostril


Dan Quach CPP Campaign Team Member Mid-Atlantic Region [progress percent=”100″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]103% ($155)[/progress]

  • $30 – Wax one leg
  • $60 – Wax the other leg
  • $80 – Eat a ghost pepper
  • $100 – Sing/rap a song (selected via poll)
  • $150 – Extreme food challenge (wasabi + cinnamon + soy sauce + nuoc mam + ghost pepper)


Pong Muangchan CORR Representative Northeast Region [progress percent=”20″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]20% ($25)[/progress]

  • $5 – Lip sync an Aretha Franklin song
  • $10 – Spicy ramen challenge at conference
  • $25 – Shave off left eyebrow
  • $75 – Lap dance a CORR of your choice
  • $100 – Shave off right eyebrow
  • $125 – Go an entire day wearing a Deadpool costume



Val Chaves CORR Representative New England Region [progress percent=”78.7″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]78.7% ($118)[/progress]

  • $5 – Send you a heartfelt letter
  • $20 Prank call a CORR of your choice
  • $50 – Shave off mustache
  • $75 – Shave off entire beard
  • $100 – Wax chest
  • $150 – Go an entire day wearing a hotdog suit


Brian Tran South Region [progress percent=”20″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]20% ($60)[/progress]

  • $15 – Eat a raw egg
  • $30 – Spicy ramen challenge
  • $50 – Shot of sriracha
  • $100 – Cook with pet food
  • $200 + $100 Orange spray tan w/ possible green hair dye



Vincent “Tyrone” Tran South Region [progress percent=”30″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]30% ($60)[/progress]

  • $15 – Shot of sriracha sauce
  • $35 – A delivery of a bucket of fried chicken at UNAVSA-13 to the biggest donor so far
  • $69 – Post a video dedicating a short cheesy poem to each donor so far
  • $100 – Wear heels to UNAVSA opening ceremony
  • $150 – Surprise confess my love through poetry to a UNAVSA E-board member of highest donor’s choice at conference in Boston
  • $200 -Personally find and hug each person who donated 🙂 <3


Michelle Tran Mid-Atlantic Region [progress percent=”100″ bar_color=”#209364″ back_color=”#f4f4f4″ color=”#666″ animate=”1″]100% ($75)[/progress]

  • $5 – Makeup Challenge (No mirror, under 3 minutes)
  • $15 – Cross dress for a day
  • $25 – Send you a care package filled with lots of love <3
  • $35 – Spicy ramen challenge
  • $45 – Bean boozled challenge (P.S. I don’t like jelly beans, so if you hate me, here’s your chance LOL)
  • $75 – Wax legs