1. What is your organization’s vision in the next 5-10 years?

The HFT vision for the next 5-10 years is to usher in a new generation of innovative and passionate leaders to lead HFT and grow the organization.


In the next 5-10 years, the Hope for Tomorrow team hopes the following goals can be achieved as part of the 5-10 years vision:


  1. The Hope for Tomorrow (HFT) team want to build its first hospital in Saigon, Vietnam. The hospital will operate as a social enterpirse and provide free medical/dental care for those who do not have the means to pay. For patrons with the ability to pay, there will be a service fee. The hospital will be the cornerstone for the HFT operation. The hospital fulfills HFT’s mission of providing healthcare and human services to those in need. As a bonus, a full time dental clinic will be part of the hospital operation. At this time, the HFT has started drafting up the plans for the future hospital.


  1. The HFT team wants to initiate plans to grow the organization organically by having supporters and volunteers start their own local chapter of Hope for Tomorrow. The core offering for the local chapter is to host quarterly free dental clinic days. Within 5 years, there should be three chapters of HFT formed around the USA.


  1. The HFT Board members will slowly usher in a new HFT leadership generation. This is part of succession planning being initiated by the current Board of Directors. The team members taking over will be season HFT volunteers with a passion to give back to the community. An era of new HFT leadership will help HFT grow and advance its operation


  1. What sets you apart from organizations with similar missions?

Since inception, Hope for Tomorrow has been a pure volunteer run and managed organization. HFT’s vision is to have a 100% volunteered management team. HFT strives hard to have a very low overhead expense. HFT believes every donated dollar should go directly to it’s intended project.



  • How do you define/measure success? What kinds of metrics can demonstrate how effective your project is?


The Hope for Tomorrow team manages an array of projects to help serve those in need. The projects includes buidling orphanages for children with HIV/AIDS, providing senior support to senior members of the community who do not have anyone to care for them, providing education scholarships to poor college bound students, hosting international and domestic dental and medical mission annd more. With such an array of projects, the efforts to measure or define success is very challenging.

One of HFT core offering is the domestic free dental clinic in the USA. The free dental clinic success is measure by the number of patients served and the estimated dollar amount of services rendered by the dental team. Listed below is a summary of a services provided and the associated dollar amount of services rendered.

Medical / Dental Exams 560 $50,960.00
Prophylaxis or Debridement or Scaling Root Planning & Fluoride 299 $64,285.00
Restorative 180 $34,380.00
Extractions 152 $43,624.00
TOTAL 1191 $193,249.00


The metrics on number of patients served, the number of procedures and the associated cost of procedures are recorded with each dental clinic/mission. The data are used to monitor the level of services be offered and requested by the community.

For each dental clinic, the average operation cost is ranges from $7500 – $10000. The operational cost covers medication, supplies, and provision for the team. From the perspective of a return on investment number, HFT puts out $10,000 and renders a total service amount of $193,000. This is a pretty good return on investment. If we factor in cost of equipment and depreciation cost of the equipment, there is a huge realized gain.

Aside from numerical metrics, HFT looks at the qualitative aspects of rendering service to those in need such as:

  • A smile on a mother because her daughter received the needed dental care
  • A college student relieved of pains from an aching tooth because the HFT provide a much needed extraction
  • Orphans with HIV/AIDS have a safe haven
  • A poor family is given a micro-finance loan to help them be self relient
  • A poor college student in Vietnam receives the necessary scholarship to finish his/her students and becomes a contributing member of their community

Collectively, the definition of success is based on  the quality of service provided and the smiles and relief delivered to those in need.

  1. How can I help beyond fundraising money for the org through CPP?

Since HFT manages an array of projects, there is a project for everyone who wants to help. If you hae a project you need initiated, HFT can serve as the conduit to pilot the project. As from fundraising, the HFT needs help with the following:

  • Development of a new communication strategy
  • Redesign and rebranding of the HFT corporate website
  • Help coordinate a local free dental clinic day in your local area
  • Garnishing enough support to establish local HFT chapters to conduct free dental clinics
  • Volunteer to attend an international/domestic dental/medical mission with HFT and serve in various capacities like logistics planning, volunteer recruitment, government liason, community liason, corporate sponsorships and many other
  • Spread the word about the Hope for Tomorrow team


  1. How are you collaborating with other organizations on a local, region, or national level?

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Hope for Tomorrow. Early in the inception years, the HFT team knew the key to success was cooperation. HFT has a variety of projects and it would be very tough for a single organization to successfully tackle every project. HFT collaborates with organization for international and domestic projects. Hope for Tomorrow works closely with the following organizations in Vietnam:

  1. The Order of St. Camillus, Saigon, Vietnam: Work on projects to build the Mai Tam orphanage, Gary House cancer center, and various dental/medical missions.
  2. L’Association Vietnam Entraide et Solidarité (AVNES) in Paris, France. Hope for Tomorrow works closely with AVNES on the Hope Microfinance project. AVNES provides the management and administration of the microfinance project. The Hope for Tomorrow team helps provide funds and technical mentoring.
  3. Vietnam Student Development Funds (VNSDF), Switzerland. Hope for Tomorrow works closely with VNSDF to provide funds for scholarships and mentors for the college students receiving the scholarship. VNSDF does the program management and vetting of all scholarship recipients.


For international and domestic dental missions/clinic, HFT has worked with the following partners:

  • State University of New York Buffao, School of Dentistry
  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLAS) School of Dentistry
  • University of Maryland School of Dentistry
  • Howard County Government of Maryland to host free dental clinic in the Howard County, Maryland area
  • Asian American Association of Frederick, Maryland to host free dental clinic in Frederick County, Maryland


If you are interested in participating in a HFT domestic free dental clinics, the following dental clinics have been scheduled:

  • August 26, 2017 – Domestic free dental clinic day at  Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, 46833 Harry Byrd Hwy, Sterling, VA 20164
  • October 7, 2017 – Domestic free dental clinic day in Howard County, Maryland. Event is hosted by Howard County Government Office for Community outreach and Hope for Tomorrow