Campaigning at the Local Level


Get on my level!

*Who are you seeking to engage? Who is in your direct network? Who is in your external network? What are you seeking to accomplish with each engagement?

–       Your Executive Board & General Members

–       Your university community

–       Your local community

–       Your local businesses

–       Private supporters

–       Corporate supporters


What is your VSA/UVSA/UNAVSA CPP campaign goal?

*Come up with qualitative goals then quantitative goals to move from ideas into action.


CPP Fundraising GOALS

VSA Fundraising Goal:                        _______________

UVSA Fundraising Goal:                       ______________

UNAVSA Fundraising Goal:                  ______________


What does your Planning Timeline look like?

*What do you want to accomplish with each month? What is your organization’s focus? What succinct steps will you take to accomplish each goal?

Monthly CPP Goals: 2012-2013
October CPP Campaign Launched. Educate your organization.

Eboard plans for major fall semester events.

November Spread awareness within the community.

Organizational outreach

December Large CPP event should be no later than Winter Break.

Eboard/VSA plan CPP for spring semester.

 January Re-Introduce CPP. Recap previous semester.


February Spread Awareness & Fundraise & Submit Numbers
March Spread Awareness & Fundraise & Submit Numbers 
April  Spread Awareness & Fundraise & Submit Numbers
May  Start the last Campaign to Spread Awareness & Fundraise & Submit Numbers
June  Make sure everything is submitted & sign up for UNAVSA!
July UNAVSA: Presentation of check to MEMO.

*After each event please remember to update us with your amount raised and send in the check so we can update it on the website, to compare it with everyone else!