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“UNAVSA’s mission is to empower the next generation of Vietnamese leaders with a passion for service, propensity for leadership, and self-awareness with the intent of advocating for progress in the North American Vietnamese Community. Through offering resources and utilizing technology to spread resources, UNAVSA is there to serve its constituents in the North America continent. One of the main ways that UNAVSA hopes to build this community is through the CPP campaign.

The creation of the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) originated during the second UNAVSA conference in 2005, in conjunction with the Vietnamese Interacting As One (VIA-1) Conference. The concept of an annual philanthropy campaign is to further drive UNAVSA’s mission of developing leaders and regions, networking and creating a unified voice. The CPP is an initiative for students and community organizations to collaborate on working toward a charitable cause. The idea is to create momentum for a collective national effort under one philanthropic campaign that UNAVSA manages. The CPP campaign raises awareness and collectively fundraises for non-profit organizations that serve the broader Vietnamese community.

This year, Foodaid.Compassion will be focusing on improving and developing more of its water filtration project to bring fresh and clean water to the communities in Vietnam. It recognized that a great number of the population do not have access to clean drinking water which causes a serious health hazard and risks of waterborne diseases. The people of greatest risks of poor quality water are infants/young children and the elderly who are debilitated or living under unsanitary conditions. 

Foodaid.Compassion with the assistance of the funds raised by CPP will provide clean drinking water stations of WHO (World Health Organization) standards to communities in Vietnam.


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For any questions, please email the CPP Campaign directors at: or