How to spread awareness & build excitement within your VSA?

  • Build a tri-fold and have a video on hand of any community/university events
  • Do Passionate Awareness Campaigns before a major event so that attendees have a general idea of the cause and its importance
  • Pass out information sheets
  • Pass out support ribbons
  • Educate your members! Only use volunteers who understand the organization inside and out as speakers/experts when asked questions. When asked questions you don’t know refer to proper authority.
  • Orient the cause, not just the concept of fundraising!


How to build awareness & excitement with your school and greater community?

  • Make noise and be heard! Promote active discussion & dialogues!
  • Stage vigils, speakers, spoken words, etc. for the cause
  • Pass out information sheets
  • Orient your campaign to answer the question for the community, “Why does this matter?” Give the target population a reason to listen and get involved!


What have other regions done in past CPP campaigns?

  • Collect funds during culture shows
  • Bake sales
  • Partnering with a restaurant (boba, Chipotle, etc.) to donate % of profits for a day
  • Parties, parties, parties
  • Date auction
  • Charity concert
  • Selling pho/spring rolls/summer rolls
  • Car washes
  • Internet click campaigns
  • Community donations
  • Football/basketball tournaments or olympics
  • 5K Runs or marathons