Preliminary Selection Guidelines


Please submit the application along with the following to UNAVSA Collective Philanthropy

Project 2016 – 2017 Committee:

  • General organization information (name, contact, 501.3c status, mailing)
  • Introduction of your organization- mission, purpose, and target population it aims to help
  • Why you feel that your organization should be selected as the next CPP beneficiary.

Please include concrete goals of what your organization will try to accomplish working with UNAVSA and the CPP.

  • Detailed* proposal of project

o Must be specific in concrete goals

o Include action items in your proposed project

o Include a timeline for the project

o Include a budget* (a clear proposal will make judging the merits of the project easier to understand by the preliminary voting board)

  • A brief summary of your organization’s current/previous projects and programs.


For more information, please contact us at