Q:  What are the basic qualifications and requirements for any organization to be considered for CPP funding?

A:  The basic qualifications and requirements for any organization to be considered for CPP funding are as followed:

  • Organization must have 501(c)(3) status, non-profit status
  • The organization’s mission and purpose aligns with UNAVSA’s mission, vision, and values. Must serve within the API community
  • International organizations are welcome to apply (must have non-profit status)


Q:  What is the timeline for a selected CPP beneficiary?

A:  The general breakdown of the CPP Process is described in the graphic below:


Q:  What does the CPP Selection Process entail?

A:  There are essentially 2 rounds to the process:

  • Round 1: There are two components to the application: the application form and the video submission. Both the application (form and video) will be reviewed by the CPP Preliminary Voting Board (the UNAVSA Executive Board, Council of Regional Representatives and CPP Selection Committee). A total of three organizations will be selected by the Preliminary Voting Board by early June, who will then be invited to deliver a presentation at our 14th Annual UNAVSA Conference at New Orleans, LA.
  • Round 2: Each organization will have 10-15 minutes to present their purpose, goals and proposal to UNAVSA conference attendees. After presentations from each group, participants will discuss, comment, and ask questions about the organizations and their purposes. Attendees will then vote with their region for the organization they think best deserves to be next year’s CPP Beneficiary. Results will be announced at the banquet Saturday evening.


Q:  How does UNAVSA work with its membership regions and organizations to contribute to the annually selected philanthropy project?

A:  Raising funds to support our CPP Beneficiaries is mostly driven by grassroots efforts by members of UNAVSA across the U.S. and Canada. We ask our CPP Beneficiary to work alongside the Campaign Committee to raise awareness about your organization so that we can maximize dollars raised. The more involved you are, the higher the likelihood we will be able to meet your project proposal budgetary needs. Involvement looks different from year-to-year, depending on the organization; however, the most important part any organization can play in the campaigning phase is helping our members understand your work and impact. From a regional or membership school standpoint, the contribution is varied. Regions compete against each other to fundraise money and raise awareness while membership schools may pledge quantitative amounts annually to demonstrate the growth, sustainability, and involvement of their local VSA.


Q:  How can we continue receiving information regarding the annual application process if not selected at the coming year’s beneficiary?

A:  Our selection process typically begins early January of each year. We recommend you monitor our CPP Website, UNAVSA’s Facebook page, or subscribe to our newsletter (go to UNAVSA’s Website and then locate “subscribe to our mailing list”) for the latest updates about UNAVSA and CPP.  Of course we wish that we can partner with every organization that applies so we encourage reapplications and continual partnerships. We are also certainly always open to exploring other ways to learn and partner with each other!


For more information, please contact our CPP Selection director, April Nguyen, at cpp.selection@unavsa.org!