Preliminary Voting System: How the top 3 organizations are chosen to present at conference

The application packet will be reviewed by the Collective Philanthropy Project Preliminary

Voting Board (which includes the UNAVSA Executive Board, Council of Regional

Representatives and the CPP Selection Committee). Three organizations will be selected by the

Preliminary Voting Board after the deadline and then are required to deliver a presentation

at our 14th annual conference in New Orleans.

CPP Selection Session at Conference: How our beneficiary is chosen from the top 3

Friday, July 21 at 2:10pm


Your CORR representative is responsible for counting your region’s total votes.They have the option to override the actual voting results of your region should they feel that the attendees at the conference are not an adequate representation of the region. They are however encouraged to take your vote, discussion, and notes into consideration if this option is exercised, which will be noted and made public.

Your individual vote goes towards a regional popular vote during the CPP Selection Session at the UNAVSA conference. Collectively, it has the same voting power as that of a region.