The Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) team utilized a previously unused approach to engage supporters in order to raise over $700 for the CPP on Sunday, July 22. The 12-hour online video chat event, called “Epic CPP Hangout-a-thon,” was the final fundraiser of the CPP campaign before the start of the 2012 Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA) annual conference.

This year’s CPP campaign has featured new and diverse ways of raising funds and awareness, including a viral video campaign, a marathon runner, a Bike-A-Thon, the introduction of a new online donation collection system, and now an online chat video chat system – Google Hangout. “I’m happy that we could find such creative ways to spread the message about CPP and this year’s beneficiary, Children of Vietnam,” said My-Phuong Ly, CPP Campaign Director. “I’m excited we’ve been able to educate and engage with so many of our supporters.”

The CPP Campaign, Selection, and Audit teams collaborated on the idea of using Google Hangout after being challenged by the UNAVSA Executive Board in a friendly competition to see which group could raise the most money for CPP. During the event, the CPP team members performed various challenges set forth by viewers in exchange for donations, showed the “View For Hope” video, and brought on 2010-2012 UNAVSA President Dan Huynh and Children of Vietnam Executive Director Nancy Letteri for live interviews.

A total of 34 people attended the Google Hangout to interact in the live video chat, while North East UVSA President Tony Lam set up a separate impromptu live stream for overflow viewers. “I thank all of our supporters who share in our belief of the importance of philanthropy within our community,” said Ly. “I know the donations will go a long way in helping Children of Vietnam’s Hope System of Care.”

All the money raised will be donated through the CPP to Children of Vietnam, the 2011-2012 CPP beneficiary. For more information, please email or visit