Beneficiary Selection Process

General Process
  1. Call for applicants and nominations*
  2. Collection of organizations’ proposals and applications
  3. Preliminary voting to choose the top 3 organizations
  4. Election of the Beneficiary

*Please refer to the UNAVSA mission and vision statement before submitting an application.

Call for Applicants and Nominations
  • Applications are open to any certified nonprofit organization
  • CPP Selection Committee asks the community to suggest and nominate organizations
    • CPP Beneficiary may be an existing or new program/project
  • The Committee forwards these calls of support to the suggested organizations
    • Organizations that here about CPP through other means may also apply
  • Organizations submit a proposal and application
Parts of an Application

When submitting an application, all of the following must be sent to the UNAVSA CPP team:

  • General organization information (name, contact, 501(c)(3) status or equivalent, mailing)
  • Introduction of your organization – mission, purpose, and target population it aims to help
  • Why you feel that your organization should be selected as the next CPP beneficiary.
  • Please include concrete goals of what your organization will accomplish with UNAVSA
  • Detailed proposal of project
    • Include action items in your proposed project
    • Include a timeline for the project
    • Include a budget (a clear proposal will make judging the merits of the project
      easier to understand by the preliminary voting board)
  • A brief summary of your organization’s current/previous projects and programs.
  • OPTIONAL (but highly recommended) video submission answering how your
    organization defines success.

More information on what the packet entails:

The Top 3

After the applications close, the follow steps are taken to elect the Beneficiary:

  1. The top 3 organizations are chosen by a preliminary voting process
    • Applications are reviewed Collective Philanthropy Project Preliminary Voting Board composed of:
      • UNAVSA Executive Board
      • All cabinet Directors
      • CPP Selection Committee
  2. Top 3 organizations present give a short presentation to the attendees at the annual UNAVSA conference
  3. Participants discuss, comment, and ask questions about the organizations and their purposes
  4. Conference attendees deliberate with their regions and cast their vote


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic qualifications and requirements for any organization to be considered for CPP funding?

The basic qualifications and requirements for any organization to be considered for CPP funding are as followed:

  •  Organization must have 501(c)(3) or equivalent status as a non-profit
  •  The organization’s mission and purpose aligns with UNAVSA’s mission, vision, and values 
  • Must serve within the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community
  • International organizations are welcome to apply 
What does the CPP Selection Process entail?

Round 1 – Submitting the application:

The application consists of the CPP Application Form and an OPTIONAL video submission. These are reviewed by the CPP Preliminary Voting Board, which consists of the UNAVSA Executive Board, Cabinet Directors, and the CPP Selection Committee. A total of three organizations will be selected by the Preliminary Voting Board and invited to deliver a presentation at our annual UNAVSA conference.


Round 2 – CPP Selection Session:

Each organization will present their purpose, goals and proposal to UNAVSA conference attendees. After presentations from each group, participants will discuss, comment, and ask questions about the organizations and their purpose. Attendees will then vote with their region for the organization they think deserves to be next year’s CPP Beneficiary. Results will be tabulated by the CPP Selection Committee and will be announced at the Gala Saturday evening.


How does UNAVSA work with its constituents to contribute to the annually selected philanthropy project?

Involvement looks different year-to-year. The most important part any organization can play in the campaigning phase is helping our members understand the CPP Beneficiary’s work and impact. Regions compete against each other to fundraise money and raise awareness. Membership schools may pledge quantitative amounts annually to demonstrate the growth, sustainability, and involvement of their local VSA.

How can we continue to receive information regarding the annual application process if not selected at the coming year’s beneficiary?

We recommend you monitor UNAVSA’s Facebook page, or subscribe to the UNAVSA mailing list for the latest updates about UNAVSA and CPP. We are also certainly always open to exploring other ways to learn and partner with each other!